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How do brands maximize their sponsorship properties and track them with measurable KPIs?

They use fanhoot 

10 Essentials Required For Successful Sponsorship Activation 

Sponsorship is expensive and can be catastrophic to a marketing budget if sponsorship is not properly executed. Fanhoot's team of experts knows what it takes to be successful and our platform is focused on delivering these 10 essentials: 


Fanhoot is perfect for Brand Communities, Sports Clubs, Celebrities, and Festival Activation

Fanhoot's fan engagement platform is designed to drive digital activation,  and engagement for your sponsorship properties getting you one step closer to having a trackable ROI for your sponsorship budget. We create the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of social and digital actions to be taken by fans and fanbases creating a  thriving brand community for you.

Watch how it works

Influencer Fatigue: Paid Influencers Are Out and Brand Communities Are In 

"Brands need to focus on fostering these communities of people who love their products. First, they need to identify their existing customers who are already telling their brand story online and partner with the right ones. These brand “superfans” are creating user-generated content and then sharing it with others in their niche communities across Instagram, Facebook, video game platforms and on dark social channels." Read more...


Know the Fans and engage them with your Brand

Engage, Influence, Convert & Retain your fans by using fanhoot. Our platform naturally creates this supercharged funnel for all of your sponsorship opportunities through a unique fan experience with your brand. 

The Fanhoot Funnel

identify, incentivize, recognize, and reward



credibility, value, and interest

Convert & Retain

qualified leades and sales

More Opportunities to Know the Fan

  • Each fan is assigned their own Digital points Wallet to receive prizes and be identified.

  • 10 Data points and 23 Engagement opportunities for every fan in fanhoot ecosystem.

More 1-1 Engagements with Brand

  • Weekly missions to engage with the fan.

  • Digital and Social mission-oriented tasks to promote direct engagement with fans & brands.

  • Unique promotional offerings only available to the fanbase. 

More Business

  • Channel the fanbase into direct digital offerings of your brand. 

  • Incentive-based rewards & contest via sponsorship engagement and redemption of offerings via e-wallet.


See what your own fanhoot ecosystem can do!

Find out what your sponsorship opportunities or a brand community can yield in social and digital actions on the fanhoot platform today. Schedule a demo and an evaluation of the opportunity.